Hawaii Traffic Ticket Cost

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Hawaii Traffic Ticket Cost

 Hawaii traffic ticket costs differ depending on the severity of your offense. The fines are set by state legislation so they are consistent throughout the state. That means that traffic ticket fines in Hawaii are the same in all counties. Court costs and surcharges are extra fees.

Your total fine is on the back of your traffic citation. If you need more details about your Hawaii traffic ticket, or you do not have your traffic citation, contact the Court Clerk’s Office at (808) 541-1300.

Lost Ticket

Call TVB (Hawaii Traffic Violations Bureau) at 808-538-5500. Give them your name and your driver’s license number.
They will be able to give you the information that you need. They can tell you the deadlines to pay your fine and the court in which your case will
be called. They will be able to answer any other questions you might have.

Missing your payment and/or court deadlines can result in a bench warrant and other penalties.


Types of Traffic Offenses 

Traffic offenses are either civil infractions or crimes.  

Traffic Infractions are divided into three categories: moving, parking or equipment/miscellaneous violations.

Traffic Crimes are criminal violations, petty misdemeanors (punishable by a maximum prison term of 30 days), misdemeanors (punishable by a maximum prison term of one year), or felonies (punishable by a prison term of more than one year).

Civil Traffic Infractions

Most traffic violations are civil infractions:

- Moving, parking or equipment/miscellaneous violations.
- Speeding Running a stop sign
- Driving without a seat belt
- Having an expired safety check sticker
- Parking where prohibited

Penalties may include:  

- Monetary assessments (fines, costs, fees, and surcharges)
- Community service
- Mandatory attendance at a driving class or other educational program.


Civil Traffic Infractions Options

 Admit Guilt and Pay:

- You admit the infraction and Pay the amount written on the citation
-Moving violations/convictions will show up on your traffic abstract
{Moving violations may be either civil traffic infractions or traffic crimes}
- Your auto insurance premium may increase


- You may contest your traffic ticket in writing, or request a hearing 
Admit guilt but explain the mitigating circumstances
- You defend yourself or seek help from a Hawaii traffic ticket expert

Note: The judge’s decision (after a hearing or written statement), is final and not appealable.

Many civil traffic infractions can be resolved without going to court. Defendants in civil traffic infraction cases are not subject to imprisonment. And because traffic infractions are not “crimes,” a guilty plea is not a criminal record. But traffic infractions, such as “moving violations,” will appear on your traffic abstract.

If in doubt, ask for help. Talk to Hawaii traffic ticket experts. 

Traffic Crimes 

- Driving without a license 
- Driving under the influence of an intoxicant (DWI) 
- Driving without motor vehicle insurance (except for the first offense) 
- Reckless driving 

If you’re charged with a traffic crime, you must appear in court. Failure to appear in court may result in a bench warrant for your arrest. At your first court appearance, the judge will inform you of the charges and explain your rights and options.

Traffic crimes are serious. Going it alone might cost you more than getting legal counsel. Hawaii Traffic Ticket Experts can help you. 

Before you hire a traffic ticket lawyer, do your own research. Ask questions:

Why do you need a lawyer for traffic court?

What is the average cost of a traffic lawyer?

What is the traffic ticket lawyer cost in Hawaii?

Traffic ticket fines in Hawaii?

Traffic ticket cost Honolulu?

 Hiring yourself a traffic ticket attorney might be your best choice. If there is a possibility of going to jail, talk to a traffic ticket attorney. Hawaii traffic ticket experts can be the difference between getting a warning and paying fines or having your driver's license suspended. Shop around. Ask for referrals. Understand your Hawaii traffic ticket attorney cost. For more information, go to our FAQ page.  

If you have a DUI/DWI citation, head over to the Honolulu DWI Court 
frequently asked questions.

Hawaii Traffic Ticket Costs and Penalties

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